Our specialism is in online accounting, Payroll and Taxation in Poland. The background of the people we hire, how they are organized, the fast response to queries, those seeking advice and our web based accounts information system we have developed, the training, the learned experiences we have acquired are all geared towards supporting accounting services in precisely the environments in which you conduct your business.

These are the services we currently offering for pilots based in Poland under a Warsaw Aviation contract:

  • Registration of the contractor for PIT (Personal Income Tax), social security and VAT
  • Opening of a Polish bank account.
  • Payroll administration for with-holding payroll taxes •Deduction of social security and monthly payments to ZUS .
  • Application and issuing of A1 social security certificates when OOB.
  • Online and app based to allow you to administer your account quickly and effectively.

What we ask of you:

  • You sign a contract with O’Connor & Associates to remain with us throughout the terms of your Warsaw contract (legal notice period of resignation allowable)

The Benefits for you:

  • No upfront administration fees.
  • No administration burden upon you.  The transition will be stress free and we will do all the administration where possible.
  • Management Fee will remain similar to what it is with a reduced rate for cabin crew - €125 per flying month 
  • Dedicated senior level account manager at start up (Donal McKendry) – he will remain your account manager during the transition period with the assistance of Sylwia Raczkiewicz.

For more details, please send email to support@ocaaviation.com with Poland in the subject line